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DNN module development with Angular

I finally finished my long promised blog series about writing DNN modules with Angular 1

This blog series should set you in the position to start DNN module development with Angular even if you haven't done a module for DNN yet!

So we will start with an empty project in Visual studio and build it step by step. I plan to guide you through all these steps.

But beware, this is no Angular course! I will not explain all the stuff that is involved in full detail because that would fill a book and is way too much for a blog like this, but where possible I'll provide you some links with further information to the corresponding topic.

First we will start with a DNN 7 style Angular module using standard View.ascx that is able to run in DNN 7 and later we will convert this to a SPA module type for DNN 8.

You'll find the different parts of the blog series here:

I'm developer. Born in 1965, grown up in a small village near Hamburg. Studied IT in Hamburg and moved to Hanover in the late 90's. Married 24 years now and having 2 childs. After developing projects several years in desktop and web applications in Visual Foxpro I changed in 2007 to dotnet / C# / ASP.NET & DotNetNuke. Since then I'm addicted to DNN and made it my main hobby and profession. My latest hobbyhorse is doing DNN with client site programming
  Could you please show how to upgrade your tutorial module to work with Angular 2
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Torsten Weggen
Torsten Weggen  Would be happy if I know how to ...
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