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12 Differences When Templating Data Instead of Content

The template/data-paradigm is very common, where a template visualizes data provided by a query. This results in typical list/details systems like blogs, news, showcases and more. But when managing content on normal pages, this approach doesn't really work, which is why we need the template/content-paradigm

DNN Hangout - January 2016 - DNN 8 Release Overview for Developers

In this episode, we decided to have our guest be the topic.  The DNN 8 release was so HUUUUUUGE that we felt that it needed to speak for itself.  DNN 8 brings with it a ton of new features that developers can take advantage of.  These things include new MVC and SPA development patterns.  Patterns that never before existed officially and never before came supported out of the box.

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