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Torsten Weggen commented on DNN module development with Angular

I visited a session by Daniel Mettler from 2sic / Switzerland at DNNConnect 2017. He will provide as soon with a blog post about this topic and a dnn library that could be used in Angular 2+ projects to manage communication between Angular and DNN.

1 week ago

David Poindexter created a new project DNN Association

DNN Association is responsible for the organization of DNN community events in the US. Our first event was DNN Summit Denver 2017. The event was a huge success and we are looking forward to more great community events in the future.

1 month ago

David Poindexter created a new project DNN Summit Denver 2017 Mobile App

This mobile app was built specifically for DNN Summit Denver 2017. It uses a lot of various technologies within for displaying site content, chat, surveys, maps, authentication, etc. In the end, this app was very helpful to conference attendees. By the community, for the community!

1 month ago

Daniel Mettler created a new project Mobius Forms

Mobius Forms is a flexible forms-system which provides a few fully functional HTML5 forms which save the data and send an e-mail. It's built in a way that you can easily add / remove fields using standard HTML5.
It's wired up very flexibly, so that you can easily create an alternate WebApi to save something, and wire that up too.
Mobius Forms serves as the foundation for any kind of custom form we from 2sic create. It already has various features incl. Captcha, different Razor-based mail templates for customer / admin and all the basic settings you'll usually need. By default, it has
- simple HTML5 based forms - no framework required
- you can use any JS framework you want
- Recaptcha support
- Save all to 1 text-field...
- ...or save each info an own field
- Log IP, time and more
- Send Mail to admin and different mail to customer
- Mail-templates based on Razor
- Each form can have own mail templates
- Each form can have own send-settings
- Generic Save WebAPI which can be fully customized
- Data export/import (using 2sxc)
- Data management UI (using 2sxc)

1 month ago

David Poindexter created a new project Southern Fried DNN

Southern Fried DNN is a leading user group within the DNN community. We meet everything 3rd Thursday of the month in Charlotte, NC, USA. We also stream our meetups live via GoToMeeting, record them and make then available for playback via our YouTube channel.

1 month ago

David Poindexter created a new project nvQuickSite

nvQuickSite is a desktop installation app for DNN, the world's most popular ASP.NET-based CMS. This app allows you to easily install DNN onto any environment that meets the minimum system requirements for DNN to be installed.

1 month ago

Torsten Weggen created a new project Build Your Web

Build Your Web is the first professional 2sxc-App for customers and IT professionals to build and customize professional websites.

It bundles the amazing features of 2sxc under a powerful combination of predefined entities like content, videos and images with metadata, links, Fonts etc. and a whole bunch of predefined website elements like sliders, imagecards, flipboxes.

The IT professional has a mighty dashboard to configure all the visuals (fonts, colors...) and the user can enter content and select how it should be shown.

Build Your Web is fast! Create powerful sites in less time than any other system. Customers and online editors can create „Fluid Content“ with predefined website elements very fast.

Build Your Web is flexible! IT professionals easily create own website elements for „Fluid Content“ by using the BYW interface, with support of all the visuals of Build Your Web.

Build Your Web is simple! Customers and online editors easily customize or add „Fluid Content“ of the website in a modern way, without knowledge of IT specific things like html, css, js etc.

1 month ago

Kelly Ford created a new project Prompt

System administrators have long known you can do much more and do it more quickly with a little typing at a command line than you ever could by pointing and clicking. However, for non-sysadmins, command lines can be intimidating. Prompt aims to bring the efficiency and power of the command line to DNN -- but make it easy to learn and use for non-sysadmins with great documentation, a simple, consistent syntax, and a dash of HTML to make the terminal experience pretty and easy to use.

All the basic functionality a DNN Admin needs are readily available in Prompt. You can create new users, search for and edit existing users, add roles, reset their password and delete them. Pages? We've got that covered. Create, edit, move, and delete them. You can even navigate to pages from within prompt. You can perform standard operations on security roles, scheduled tasks, and modules. You can install new extensions, clear the log, clear the cache, and restart the application.

Need More? Prompt is easily extensible. Create your own commands to do whatever you need. Prompt handles the UI so you can focus on the functionality. Module developers can provide Prompt extensions to enable interaction with and management of their modules. IT departments can write extensions to trigger reports or backend processes. Individual admins can write extensions to automate regular tasks. New open source and commercial extensions can be written to integrate with virtually any 3rd party API. The possibilities are practically limitless.

I started developing Prompt as a commercial module but quickly realized DNN needed a tool like this and that Prompt could open up entirely new avenues for development and productivity. Plus, it adds a unique powerful feature for DNN that other platforms lack. I’m excited that DNN Corp shares this vision and has decided to incorporate Prompt into the Core.

1 month ago

Peter Donker created a new project DNN User Access Module & Mobile App

Using both the PersonaBar extension and/or the mobile app you can quickly find a user (search on all common text-based fields fields). Then easily flip key properties like Authorized, Deleted, etc as well as role membership. You can also set the user's password right from the app.
NOTE 1: This application uses a novel way to move from web to mobile. Once logged in to DNN and with the PersonaBar open, you'll notice a QR icon button at the bottom. Click that to bring up a QR code which includes all details the app needs to connect (host, scheme, your username). The mobile app includes a QR scanner which will pick this up and prompt you for your password. That will then authenticate you against JWT on DNN and save the token locally on your phone.
NOTE 2: Both in the PersonaBar extension as well as on the mobile app checkboxes/switches are not changed in value until the server has confirmed the switch. I.e. anyone using the app can have peace of mind that what they see is accurate. I found this crucial in user access management (no I can't log in, yes you can).

1 month ago