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PatMreplied to: RE: reCaptcha V2 integration in default DNN registration

I am also VERY interested in this...

1 month ago

Declan Wardcreated the topic: A question on Angular and brower back button

The scenario is a list (list.html) which is paged to show 10 items per page. A user can click on an item to show more detail in view.html. A user i...

1 month ago

Mariƫtte Knapcreated the topic: New release of YAF

Last weekend Ingo Herbote released a new version of YAF

1 month ago

Will Strohlcreated the topic: Migrating Action Forms Updates from Staging to Production

I have a client that is using Action Forms... Does anyone have any migration scripts or suggestions for moving updates from staging to production f...

2 months ago

Declan Wardcreated the topic: Push notification with WebSockets

I am attempting to implement WebSockets in a DNN Module. To see how WebSockets work I built a MVC application which works just fine. MVC Applic...

3 months ago

DNNDeveloper.inadded a new Business Entry

4 months ago

    Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: Diasplay Inbox from Exchange Server

    Hans, thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at it. Happy DNNing! Michael

    4 months ago

    Hans Lentingreplied to: RE: Diasplay Inbox from Exchange Server

    There is an solution from DNN Sharp where you can read an IMAP or POP mailbox and do some actions with it. So you could read the mailbox and stored in...

    4 months ago

    Michael Tobischcreated the topic: Diasplay Inbox from Exchange Server

    Hi, is there a module that can display the inbox of a specific account in Exchange Server - not the user's one, just something like information-for...

    4 months ago