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DNN Connect 2015 Program

We are thrilled to announce the program for DNN Connect 2015. This year we have taken a more active approach to content and have attempted to drive it with focus on two main themes: DNN 8 and neXt/ vNext and mobile. There is a lot of noise around the changes that are happening at and DNN. Basically is being rewritten from the ground up and we can expect that some features that DNN uses will no longer be available to us. In part these changes are informed by “the mobile era” that we can ill afford to ignore. To make sense of all this we are very excited that Microsoft have agreed to send a speaker from their own team and we will welcome Eilon Lipton in our midst for this event. Together with DNN’s chief architect Charles Nurse you will have access to the very people that are shaping these changes.

Overall Structure

We (roughly) have 4 areas of focus: vNext, DNN 8, mobile and non-tech. These are spread out over 3 conference rooms that we have available to us at the venue. Because some of you would like to spend time “working a specific problem” in a small group, we have created the opportunity for breakout workshops. These will take place on Saturday. The idea is that some of the sessions on Friday will propose to continue with a workshop on Saturday. Attendees will then have the option to register for those Friday-evening and with sufficient attendance these workshops will take place.

Poster Sessions

We noticed over the years that many of you would like to share a project you’re working on with the group. Before these would then be presented as sessions in one of the tracks. But we could never offer enough of these and some complained that there were too many “product presentations”. In an attempt to not ditch this part, we created so-called “poster sessions”. The idea is that you create your poster on our website on the showcase page. The poster will then be presented physically at the conference Friday evening. Please take time to add your poster sessions to our database:

Ignite Sessions

Whereas poster sessions focus more on products and projects, Ignite sessions can be anything: an idea, a plan, something completely out of left-field. The goal is to inspire people. Presenters have a maximum of twenty PowerPoint slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds for a total of five minutes. Gifford Watkins will be moderating this event which takes place during the Saturday Night Fever party. Please bring your presentation along to the event and hand it to Gifford when you arrive.

Final Words

We received many session submissions by you and unfortunately we had to disappoint some of you. If you wanted to share something but it didn’t make the cut, then please consider a poster or ignite session. I hope you’ll all agree with us that there is plenty of content at this event for everyone. And for those of you who need to justify the expense to a boss: we are confident this will do it. Once more here is the address of the program:

See you in Millau,

The DNN Connect 2015 Team

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