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DNN Hangout - August 2015 - Introducing Aricie’s PortalKeeper Module

Jean-Sylvain Boige introduces us to PortalKeeper by Aricie

It’s always exciting for me to meet someone in the DNN community that I haven’t met before.  This hangout is one of those times.  In this hangout, we speak with Jess (or Jean-Sylvain Boige) of Aricie.  He’s the CTO of Aricie and the genius mind behind the module for DNN called PortalKeeper.  I must admit, I didn’t know anything about PortalKeeper before this hangout, but rest assured… this is going to be a pretty standard tool of mine for current and future projects.  If you’ve gotten even the beginnings of a technical bone in your body, you’re sure to geek-out just like I did!

Want to Be on the Show?

We are always looking for new people to be featured on the show.  You don’t have to be an “expert” in anything.  Just come prepared to chat with us about anything interesting about DNN, no matter how big or small. 

Please let me know in the comments or via email if you’d like to be on DNN Hangout.

Next Episode

In our next episode, we’ll be having a very special show.  Joe and I will be taking a deep dive into the source code of DNN.  When it first began, it was a fairly simple project.  Not anymore.

We’re looking for any special guest to join us for this.  You don’t have to do anything, except help us introduce you, and ask questions during the hangout.

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Site of the Month

We didn’t have any sites to show off this month.  It was mostly my fault for not promoting it as much as I had in the past.  I could have shown some that I have, but I much rather highlight yours.  Please let me know if you’d like for me to do a quick segment on one of your sites.

Jean-Sylvain Boige: Introducing the PortalKeeper Module

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  • DNNCon 2015 – Unfortunately, there’s no update on this yet (if you want to organize it, please let me know)

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