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The DnnThemeEditor, flexible and free!

I’ve been creating theme for a while now, for client site as well as the Open Source themes I’ve created. I always wanted to have a way for the client to change background colors and setting but never found a satisfactory solution that fitted well with my needs and Dnn.

This is why I decided to create the DnnThemeEditor so that everyone can have a theme editor for their own themes.

What is the DnnThemeEditor?

The DnnThemeEditor is a Dnn SkinObject that can be re-used for nearly any Dnn Theme. It’s easy to set up and is configured using a JSON config file and a theme CSS template. It even has an option to minify the CSS file that the system creates and the changes are instantly visible when you click the save button.

Once you have installed the SkinObject you can use it with as many themes you like within the Dnn install, all changes are stored it the portal folder therefore are unique. Even theme installed under the ‘_default’ portal folder.

Here’s a list of functionality:

  • It’s re-usable for nearly every Dnn Theme
  • It’s flexible
  • It can be configured to nearly any CSS setting that you can think of, including images, fonts, padding, margins, transitions etc.
  • You can specify which role can edit the theme
  • The DnnThemeEditor has a dark version as well as a light version
  • It is as ‘inline’ as possible
  • You can minify your generated CSS for SEO purposes

In the next couple of months, I’ll start to convert the open source themes I’ve created so that you can have the benefit of the DnnThemeEditor.

Heres a demo video that will give you an idea of what you can do with the DnnThemeEditor.

There is also an information site with documentation so that you can configure and use the DnnThemeEditor, This is where you can also download the theme editor as well.


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