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DNN-Connect Blogs Officially Live

We’re thrilled to announce that we have launched a new DNN community website dedicated to the DNN platform. A number of DNN community veterans (some of them DNN MVPs) have joined forces under the banner DNN-Connect. And after a couple of months’ hard work we have gone live with The motto of our work is “by the community, for the community”. As MVPs it is our role to take initiative and lead community efforts and we feel there is a void left for this site to fill.

What we feel is necessary at this point is a renewed embrace of the open source spirit. The very spirit that DNN was founded on. And one of the core tenets of that spirit is: if you feel you can do better, go right ahead. Or to cite a famous brand: Just do it! What we’ve been told countless times in chats with our friends at DNN Corp: the community needs to step up to the plate and stop looking at the Corp for help. And in line with this approach we have now opened a new home for the community which will help everyone to get organized and stay ahead of the game. We will not only provide ways to exchange knowledge about the platform, but we will also help to organize events and bring supply and demand together for new and existing open source projects.

One of the aims of this website is to demonstrate what can be done with open source software based on the DNN Platform. DNN-Connect is a celebration of what used to be called the “Community Edition”. There are countless open source modules and a great number of them are solid, first class citizens in our eco system. It is our aim to release everything we’ve built for this website as open source projects. Because open source is what we are about. Open source is a frame of mind. It's the belief that as a group we can get further than going it alone. It's the trust you have in each other that we each pull our weight. It's that hand that reaches down and pulls in a friend that has fallen on hard times. It's the belief that sharing what you've just created ultimately gets you further in life than if you'd keep it under lock and key. It’s the joy of sharing. The reward of having your peers give you the nod “well, done chap. Good work”. And the stage is open to anyone. There are no bouncers at the door. You can join us. Today. To paraphrase Clemenceau: open source is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the marketeers.

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