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Ready for France? Reserve your spot!

today marks a new milestone in the run-up to DNN Connect 2015; we're open for registration! I'm proud to announce that we've been able to keep costs down to as little as 275 Euro for a 3 day event, including (as per tradition shared) lodging and (as per tradition tasty) food. This in large part due to the generosity of our sponsors. We are still working on sponsorship, but we're proud to announce that DNN Corp, 2Sic, ITM, Xcess, Vendorlink, Glanton/ITX, Iowa Computer Gurus, Altamys, OPSI and Engage are all contributing to this event.

E-Mail Authentication in DNN 7.4

One bigger item I’ve been dealing with for the 7.4.0 release was a portalsetting called Use Email Address as Username. The trouble with that setting used to be that usage was far from intuitive in the past and I hope to have improved on that quite a bit.

Extended User Management in DNN

This is part of a blog post series accounting for user management in DNN using the User account modules from DNN-Connect, all available as open source extensions on Currently we have three different modules available, one for letting people register on the site, one for letting folks update their account details and one for managing user accounts from ad administrative perspective.

Mass mailing made easy with DNN and MailChimp

Chances are you've heard of or even are actively using MailChimp - a great solution for mass mailing and e-mail campaigns. It's a free service unless you're not hitting the 2000 subscribers per list mark - for many of us this will be just fine for a little while. While this post is not about advertising their great product I would still like to invite you to give it a try, it's fantastic, really.

Extending DNN - A Nightmare?

At last year's DNN-Europe event our friend Robrecht Sierra moderated a session that started with the provocant statement DNN sucks. While that turned out into an excellent discussion about the road of DNN and the way we are all getting along with the platform, that statement sometimes simply returns true.

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