John RoyleWe are certainly looking at an Intranet 'solution' We have done quite a few of these and we're looking to offer an intranet bundle. We'd be very interested in collaborating with anyone who have something to contribute to this.


  • Gifford WatkinsPerhaps we should split solutions into two groups; INTRAnet and public facing? Example: is a public facing landscaping site with portfolio images handled by Mandeeps "live content" module.5/26/2014

  • Gunther SchmidtI would love to join your project. I am going to play with intranet for a small workgroup during 2015 so what could be better?1/5/2015

Bruce de BeerHow many Developers focus mainly on building Line Of Business web apps with DNN for corporate Intranets?


  • Bruce de BeerThanks, for the response, Phil. We use DNN here in South Africa as part of a solution to deliver Point Of Sale transactions files on a daily basis, for a large fast food restaurant chain. The DNN portal is used to monitor the success rate of these file transfers.2/15/2014

Daniel MettlerMy 2-Cents: If we create own solutions, it's very, very important to cater to a very large group. Maintaining a solution is very resource-intensive, and if only 18 customers would use it (and they are all on the cheap we-don't-pay type) then it dies.


  • Gifford WatkinsIt depends on the solution. I just created a skin and a demo for a few niche markets that I would market for $100-$500/mo. (The only 3rd party module I use (for photo-intensive portals) is the Escher module by

Greg BrownCould somebody fix the character limit on these posts? I've attached some thoughts using the Landscaping contractor as an example. Of course I look at all things as a sales/marketing person first, designer second!


  • Greg Brownoops! One of my employees pointed out that some of my information may be dated - Wordpress does have an Affiliate Management Plug-in. 2/13/2014

I've seen this at my day job quite a bit, and also saw this mentioned in an Alfresco integrator's presentation. Namely, that most clients are looking for a cohesive solution that solves their problem. It looks like Acquia is doing this with drupal.


    Gifford WatkinsI'm not seeing a ton of movement here in this group. So... let's pick a niche market like... hmm, landscaping. Everyone has landscapers in their community... so let's offer DNN Platform and an image module... say Escher or Mandeeps Live Content.


      Gifford WatkinsThe treasurer of one of the fastest growing cities in Canada calls me up and says, Hey, can you get us up a website, something with a CMS? I say sure... I'm pretty good with DNN and DNN Platform is free. He says, how much is this going to cost us?


      • Gifford WatkinsI say how about we do this? It'll probably take me about 48 hours to do your site, so pay me $400/month for the first year. If you aint happy at any point in time you can cancel. He thought that was a great idea. I finished the site in about 2 weeks... trained them up and now everyone is happy. They can reach me at any time, and I can still help them part time. 1/31/2014

      • Josep MorellLucky you :)2/12/2014

      • Gifford WatkinsI don't know about lucky; it's just a business approach. Offering folks "full time availability" for a "part time wage" is a method of ensuring "relationship value". It's better than building something then abandoning the client.5/26/2014

      Wes TattersGuess its sort of what I do day to day - interested in seeing what others have to say.


      • Gifford WatkinsI have 100+ clients. Each client pays a minimum of $100/month... so I watch a lot of cartoons.1/31/2014

      Philipp Becker (host)created the group DNN Solutions

      Group aiming at creating solutions based on the dnn platform



        DNN Solutions

        Group aiming at creating solutions based on the dnn platform