Jos RichtersHi there all. My two cents for the community: Visual Data's "Open Use" licence forr all DNN developers in the world! Please have a look at my website or mail me direct for information. Cheers, Jos


    Gifford WatkinsHow much money do you need to make every month to pay your bills and still have money left over to play, travel, dine out and pamper your wife?


      Gifford Watkins$100/month might sounds expensive... but it's not... it's cheap and it's fun and people really like it... trust me.


        Gifford Watkinscreated the group 100 x 100 a month and live

        Gifford wants you to live DNN, eat, breath and make money :)


        • Gifford WatkinsNEVER OFFER DNN FOR LESS THAN $100/MONTH (excluding hosting). Yes, I know people will say stuff like, "I can get a Word Press site for four dollars a month" so expect that response and when they do say that, tell them to have a nice day. You do not want people to think in terms of cheap... you want them to think in terms of relationship. "You are paying me $100+/month because I will pick up the phone... I will listen to you, and I will continue to grow your return on investment".1/31/2014

        Gifford WatkinsBe the best you can be by being there for people.
        1. Sell the DNN relationship/expertise value you bring to the table by:
        a. Offering full time availability for part time wage ($25 a week)
        b. Being proactive
        c. Loving your clients



          100 x 100 a month and live

          Gifford wants you to live eat, breath and make money with DNN... ack! :)