DNN Extension language packs

Welcome to the DNN Extension language pack section!

This is a community effort to collect language packs for DNN extensions and make these language packs available for free. You can find and download languages packs for various modules by clicking on a language (culture) and browse thought the available module packs in that language. Download the language pack you are interested in and install it on your website. Done!

 If  you:

  • have a language pack available and you are willing to share it
  • have a bit of time creating or completing translations in your language of choice

please contact us through our contact page.

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Localization Editor

français (Polynésie française)


Component Last Version Nr Keys % Complete  
DotNetNuke Facebook Authentication Project 07.00.00 100 % 💾
Events 07.00.02 27 % 💾
Form and List 06.05.00 2 % 💾
IdentitySwitcher 03.01.00 12 % 💾