Poster Session / Product Presentations

Philipp Becker
Date and Time
5/28/2015 5:30 PM

This is going to place for folks to present about their pet peeves. We'll have a large room where we are going to hang all posters that presenters want to let you know about.

If you would lile to submit a poster yourself, head over to the site and fill in the poster form.

Here's a more detailled blog post on how this is going to work:

Submt your poster here:

About the speakers

Philipp Becker
Philipp owns Peppertree Solutions, a DNN firm delivering business solutions to clients across the world.

He is in the DNN business since 2004 and has been an active contributor to the community ever since. In the past he has contributed various extensions to the DNN platform, most noticeable in former days were the pages administration module and the RadEditor provider and configuration module. For current versions of DNN he is contributing extensions like user management tools and integration with third parties. Visit his Github profile to learn more about current developments.

Philipp is part of the dnnWerk association, a circle of DNN experts in the German speaking market. He is also co-founder of the German DNN usergroup and is actively supporting the European network of DNN professionals. In 2014 he created together with other DNN fellows the DNN-Connect associaton to improve the community side of things in the DNN world. Currently he acts as the secretary of DNN-Connect.

Philipp lives together with his wife and his three little girls on an ancient farm close to Gie├čen in central Germany.