Database Design, Implementation and Optimization for DNN Developers

Sebastian Leupold
Date and Time
5/29/2015 9:00 AM

Why are DNN and my modules so slow?
Wouldn’t it be easier (and faster) to use text files for storing data?
Why is DNN not using these magical “NoSQL” databases?
What are the best options to store complex objects?
How can I avoid dealing with databases and its strange concepts?
There are many questions from DNN developers (and administrators) and I’d like to outline concepts and their implementation to utilize the database for more than just storing simple records - benefitting from its various features for best performance, integrity and reliability. But I’ll also address practical subjects like improving database upgrades and analyzing performance issues. Expect 50 minutes packed with information in every sentence

About the speakers

Sebastian Leupold
Sebastian is active member of the DNN community for quite a while now and contributed to the project in a couple of ways, including German language packs and his Turbo Scripts, which improve DNN database performance, integrity and reliability.
In his daily work, he is focusing on both, database solutions and DNN services.
Sebastian has been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2008 and lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.