Accepted Sessions

(J)ust (W)hat's a (T)oken?

Tony Carter
Date and Time
6/4/2016 3:30 PM

Json Web Tokens are about authentication standards and interoperability. DNN 8 has added support for JWT but just what does that mean. This session will take a look at JWT and how it can be used to publish DNN Services for Mobile Devices, SPAs and other Non-Dnn platforms.

About the speakers

Tony Carter
Tony Carter is President and CEO of Carter Solutions, a Full Service IT Solutions Provider located in Research Park, FL. He is a self-taught Systems and Software Engineer with over 20 years’ experience working on various technologies and platforms for companies such as Walt Disney World, EarthLink and Channel Intelligence (purchased by Google).

Tony’s passion for all things IT started in the mid 1990’s when he fell in love with the internet, and quickly realized its potential to change the way the world communicates. He jumped head first into learning all he could about networking, and shortly after found a passion for Software Architecture, Development and Software Management. This passion is what pushes Tony, and Carter Solutions, to continue to achieve great results for its customers, and as a result the company has experienced steady growth since its incorporation in 2001.