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Workshop GitHub

Ins and outs of working with GitHub as DNN Community member

Ernst Peter Tamminga
John Keetman
100 & 200
Date and Time
6/3/2016 2:20 PM

****Multi session workshop****

****PART 1: GitHub for everyone****
Overview and general working with GitHub as source and version control system. Learning the essential workflow of any GitHub project. Learn basic wiki creation, working online and offline, get some ideas of the (free) tools available.

****PART 2: GitHub for you own projects****
Start using GitHub as your source control system. Learn terms as repository, clone, branch, stash, commit, push, release. In the end you will be able to manage your own project in GitHub.

****PART 3: Contributing to other projects****
Learn how you can create copies of other projects, modify and enhance your copy of the project and send your enhancements back to the original developer.
Learn terms as fork, clone, the essence of branching, merging, origin repo, upstream repo, creating pull requests

****PART 4: Contributing to DNNPlatform****
The DNNPlatform team uses Jira to manage the workflow around all changes, enhancements, bug fixes, features, etc. Because of this, the team has a special way of working with branche naming and pull requests documentation. Learn working with tickets in Jira, setting up a DNNPlatform source code environment suitable for fixing bugs and bringing enhancements, branch naming, commits, pull requests and synchronizing your local working environment with the latest updates of development branch of DNNPlatform.

****PART 5: Coordinating a project****
A project (DNN module, extension, theme, etc.) is most successful if multiple people (community members) are working together to create enhancements and improvements. Project coordinators manage these improvements (pull requests) using the GitHub merge tools. Learn how you can act as a project coordinator.

****PART 6: using GitHub for documentation****
We know, documentation is not the most favorite taks of developers. Still it is essential for "selling" your products to others and make them happy with your results. GitHub has a Wiki environment that uses the Markdown format. And you can also combine the power of GitHub with GitBook that makes managing the documentation process a joy. Learn some Markdown, GitHub Wiki format, combining GitHub with GitBook. No need to use VS2015 of know how to program. A notepad editor is enough to start your contribution to the community.

About the speakers

Ernst Peter Tamminga
Ernst Peter has long history in IT. He is CEO of XCESS expertise center b.v. (30 employees) in The Netherlands. XCESS delivers custom IT solutions for medium and large sized companies. XCESS uses DNN/Evoq (DotNetNuke) as web application framework since 2003 for the deve-lopment of standard and custom web applications. Ernst Peter is DNN MVP, member of the DNN Steering Committee and the DNN Website Working Group, coordinator for the DNN Events, Reports and Faq module and furthermore IT Legal expert, husband, father of three and grandfather of four.
John Keetman
John Keetman is developing software for 8 years now. He started working for a bank with software in .Net 2.0 and ABAP (SAP). John is now working for 4 years at XCESS, developing custom applications based upon DNN. He started with webforms modules in DNN 6, but his current focus is SPA module development for DNN 7/8 based applications. He loves DNN 8, because it is a great step forwards with a great implementation of SPA and MVC.