Accepted Sessions

Building applications with DnnSharp tools

Hans Lenting
Peter Schotman
Date and Time
6/3/2016 11:40 AM

This session will focus on the creation of data driven web applications using DnnSharp ActionForm, ActionGrid, MyTokens and SharpScheduler.
The DnnSharp tools are excellent when one needs to interact with a custom set of database tables of a given application domain. The development of custom DNN modules for data manipulation can be avoided, thereby making the solution very cost efficient one.
This session will show the more advanced features of the DnnSharp toolset as they have been used in CRM, conference management and student progress management applications.

About the speakers

Hans Lenting
Hans is bald. He is using DNN as an integrator. Started his company in 2008 and only using DNN for websites and webapplications. Always busy on bridging the gap between IT and Business and trying to keep IT easy and understandable.
Peter Schotman
Peter Schotman is member of 40Fingers websolutions.
Peter has been developing DNN solutions since 2005. Mainly focusing on client interaction and development of turnkey applications and websites. He is also an experienced skinner.