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Agile, Rapid DNN-Apps and SPAs

How to Create Mini-Modules in DNN within minutes using 2sxc

Daniel Mettler
Date and Time
6/3/2016 3:30 PM

To create great solutions in-time, in-budget and in-quality is fairly easy using agile methodologies and the 2sxc-app features.
This allows you to evolve any component in agile steps from concept to wow!
This is possible, because the infrastructure has so many production-grade rapid-functionalities, providing you with
1) advanced data management (with dynamic data, permissions, custom-UIs and more)
2) Advanced View-Management using token/razor/JS-Views
3) Advanced asset management (from scripts to images and content-documents)
4) Advanced Metadata-features (to provide additional data about files or existing data in a DB)
5) Advanced APIs and interfaces (REST, configurable queries with injection, WebAPI, C#-API)
6) Advanced Query systems (visual query designer with dynamic parameters)
7) advanced Multi-language systems and resource management
8) Advanced packaging (for quick-deployment of your apps)
9) Integration with grunt, gulp, bower, npm, git
10) and way more...

All this allows you to just get going, and if ever (unlikely) you hit a system-limit, it's super easy to replace that sub-part with a .net standard (like a SQL-table, a dll, a custom web-service or a .net function or whatever).

In this session we will create Apps, App-Mashups, SPAs and Web-APIs walking
through a real-life projects, beginning with the sketches I discussed with the customer, prototyping the solution and reviewing a final production grade system.

This will be a very high density session with loads of production grade code ready to use.

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