Accepted Sessions

DNN 8 API Hidden Gems: Module Settings, CDF and Image Handler

Better module coding using new DNN 8 patterns

Serge van der Ven
Peter Donker
Date and Time
6/4/2016 2:20 PM

Module Settings
Nearly all modules in the DNN ecosystem use settings to customize or initialize their behavior. Traditional these settings are stored in host, portal or (tab)module settings and made accessible via simple API methods that return individual settings, dictionaries or hastables. Anyone working with the traditional settings API should recognize the cumbersome and repetitive coding of converting setting values from and to strings, testing for availability, setting default values etc. With the newly introduced Settings API in DNN 8, that lets you manage module settings with a POCO class just like the DNN DAL2, working with module settings is a real relief!

In this session you will learn just how easy it is and have a peek what’s behind the scenes. Learn how to extend the system to even further speed up your module development and how easily you can convert DNN8 module settings into Javascript objects for AngularJS using the DNN WebAPI.

In DNN 8 the Client Dependency Framework has been augmented with new features to help us deal and avoid js and css clashes between modules/skins in DNN. This session will delve into what those changes are and how to use these new features to make your modules/skins more robust and less prone to js/css hell.

Image Handler
A newly added feature in DNN8 is the Image Handler that has some very nice features for you to use as module developer or even a content manager! Learn to use the basics of the Image Handler to stop using <img src="yourimage.jpg"/> in your modules.

About the speakers

Serge van der Ven
Serge van der Ven is a Microsoft oriented consultant with a large track record in IT. Serge started using DNN as of version 3 and has worked and developed with DNN ever since. Serge is now lead DNN consultant for XCESS and team lead/architect for a small scrum team that currently develops a large DNN application in Team Services (formerly VSO) using AngularJS, REST (on DNN) WebAPI, EntityFramework, Dependency Injection and Unit Testing.
Peter Donker
Peter Donker is founder and owner of Bring2mind, makers of Document Exchange: a document management module for the DNN Platform since 2004. He has been a DNN core team member (now DNN MVP) since 2007 and spends a significant amount of his time writing open source extensions or improving the platform itself. In 2008 he founded the DNN community internationalization team that acts as a group of consultants to the DNN development team concerning the use of DNN outside the English-speaking world. Currently he still works on this team and the architecture team that evaluates contributions made to the platform through Github. He also a member of the DNN Steering committee that provides oversight for the DNN platform roadmap and community relations. In addition to his work on these teams, he is also a co-founder and the current president of DNN Connect, an association of DNN community members that aims to defend the interests of the DNN community and acts as a platform for community activities such as organizing DNN events and coordinating the development of specific DNN extensions.