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How to build an Angular SPA module

Learn all the basics to start developing fancy and responsive apps in DNN

Torsten Weggen
Date and Time
6/4/2016 2:20 PM

While developing a complete SPA solution for the DNN module contest I had to fiddle out a lot of things about integration of Angular in a DNN module. How do I read and save settings. What should I do if I have to upload files but could not make use of .ascx controls? How is Angular bootstrapped ? This session should lead you through all the needed steps you have to bypass to create a full fledged Angular App with multiple pages and navigation between these (within the module). With the session notes I'll hand out a shelter module including all needed libraries and stuff. You only have to add your angular code and thats it!

About the speakers

Torsten Weggen
I'm developer. Born in 1965, grown up in a small village near Hamburg. Studied IT in Hamburg and moved to Hanover in the late 90's. Married 24 years now and having 2 childs. After developing projects several years in desktop and web applications in Visual Foxpro I changed in 2007 to dotnet / C# / ASP.NET & DotNetNuke. Since then I'm addicted to DNN and made it my main hobby and profession. My latest hobbyhorse is doing DNN with client site programming