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Dancing in the cloud

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Pep Lluís Baño
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6/4/2016 11:40 AM

We want to share a fast track to see how you can work with a lot of electronic platforms programing with just one environment.
In this overview we will spend some time explaining a couple different approaches, like Microframework, Arduino, Windows IoT Core, ESP8622, Beaglebone Llilum.
We will also take a look at some cloud platforms that support to support them: Xively,, Carriots, Connectdots, Azure, Amazon.

Also we want explain the basics of some interesting communities emerging into a new concept of makers:
In 2016, Visual Studio is the most powerful platform to develop anything on any place, and run on any platform.

We'll show how we can read IOs from Arduino and Raspberry using the exact same code.
See how easy can be use a photon particle to control some digital I/O without writting any code.
Connect a MKR100 to the router and play across your favourite navigator.
Finally we'll see Alexa, with no doubt the best voice assistant to make your wishes come true.

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Pep Lluís Baño