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Azure Web Sites - Sharing Experiences

"Fireside chat" covering DNN and Azure

James Rosewell
Date and Time
6/4/2016 5:00 PM

This session isn't a presentation but an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences, tips, tricks and gotchas about moving web sites to Azure. If everyone's shy I can kick off with my experiences to date and the things I'd wish I'd known before we started. Some topics I'd expect to discuss include:

1. Is Azure Web Sites really ready for DNN?
2. Are DNN store Azure certified extensions really Azure ready?
3. What are the performance penalties and benefits of moving to Azure?

I'll write up the key points and share a blog post on DNN Connect with the summary.

About the speakers

James Rosewell
James started 51Degrees 5 years ago to help web businesses deliver profitable experiences to different devices. The company has now grown to over 22 people. Blue chip customers include eBay, Unilever, Disney, Microsoft, IBM and 1000s.