Skinning / creating themes tips and Tricks

Timo Breumelhof
Date and Time
5/26/2017 5:00 PM

During this session I will present how I create / handle skins on a daily basis.

This will for instance include the way I improve the view on panes for editors, some use of Style Helper, packaging skins using a build script (for non developers) etc.

I expect you already know how to create a skin for DNN. :-)

If there are any specific things you would like me to cover in my session, feel free to contact me (and I'll think about it)

About the speakers

Timo Breumelhof
Timo Breumelhof has a degree in Design from Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands).
He has been designing and developing websites since 2000.
Timo's passions are webdesign, DNN skinning, web standards and usability.
Timo Breumelhof is DNN MVP and former lead of the DNN skinning team.

Timo is one of the founders of 40Fingers a full service web solutions company.