NBrightBuy: a magento/nopcommerce killer

one year of pushing the boundries

Tycho de Waard
Date and Time
5/26/2017 5:00 PM

in 2015 I have been testing a lot of the e-commerce modules in the DNN ecosystem. Sometimes the pricing is just not interesting, sometimes the functionality is US-only...and the open source NBStore...just not matured yet.

But then in 2016 there was NBrightBuy, successor of NBstore. Still open source, matured...and several companies have been contributing in order to make it a full blown e-commerce solution.

I'll take you on a tour. Aiming for a multi store solution including multi language, loads of discount options....the works. Decide for yourself how far we've come.

About the speakers

Tycho de Waard
Started as a project manager for the Dutch Chamber of commerce. I have been working together with over 20 editors for 6 years.

After that I was a marketing consultant for an international software company. Learned a lot. For example that I don't like working for a company that is listed at the stock exchange.

In 2008 I became a manager at ICATT, an internet company using DNN.

2016: the start of my own company. Because I know I understand customers. I used to be one voor almost a decade. As a non-dev it's my mission to show the world that DNN is the perfect solution for customers.