Go-Pro with JS REST- and GUI-APIs to query, modify 2sxc-data in SPAs and more

Build SPAs and PWAs in no time using 2sxc APIs, and totally customize the UX

Daniel Mettler
Date and Time
5/26/2017 10:10 AM

The web has been moving to a JS world for almost 5 years now, and 2sxc has a built-in set of APIs which let you focus on the front-end application, while using the pre-build JSON, REST and JavaScript-APIs to get / set data without writing any server code.

This is a session for people who want to focus on JavaScript solutions and want the server-stuff like data-schemas and queries to be mostly click-click-go.

We'll cover scenarios like

1. input oriented JS solutions (forms, etc.)
2. output oriented JS-solutions (lists / details)
3. Query oriented JS-solutions
4. retrieving data from sql without code
5. querying CSV-based data without code
6. querying DNN-users without code (for membership-lists, etc.)
7. enhancing your app with hover-toolbars and using 2sxc-edit dialogs...
8. ...or adding your own buttons to the hover-bar

You'll love it :).

PS: If you care about jQuery, Angular, React and just want to get things done the REST way, without worrying about the backend, this is for you!

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Daniel Mettler