Building a conference attendee tracking system using DNN, Node-red and MQTT

Peter Donker
Date and Time
5/26/2017 2:20 PM

Continuing the work from last year I've pieced together a system that tracks attendees during our event using RFID cards. Join me on a trip down memory lane how I got this whole solution to jive. I've tried various ingredients to come to the current mix of Raspberry Pi, Node-red, Python, MQTT/Mosquitto, and DNN. The goal was to improve upon last year's solution (built using mono) and make it more reliable/resilient.

About the speakers

Peter Donker
Peter Donker is president of the DNN Connect Association and owner of Bring2mind, the brand behind Document Exchange (DMX) the prime document management solution for DNN. Peter's been active in DNN since 2003 and has spent years in the DNN Core team. Together with Vicenc Masanas (another DNN MVP) and Philipp Becker he founded the DNN Connect Association in 2014 as a vehicle for the DNN Community and to organise a yearly event.