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Pep Lluís Baño
Date and Time
5/27/2017 2:20 PM

We will bring a lot of electronic gadgets to be able to experiment together with them. In less than half an hour we will be able to mount an Intel Curie bluetooth low energy board with a relay shield, and then speak through our phone to start or stop the lights.

In this relay Voice controller, we learn:
a. The chrome web Bluetooth api.
b. How use your browser to have speech recognition
c. And open your light’s simply saying ‘one!’

Also, we can do several Bluetooth experiments using different methods to manage any BLE and tools, like nRFtools and our BLE BOT 9000, also we learn how fast an easy can be develop a windows universal app to link with our relay’s board to start and stop our things from our windows 10.
To finish if the time is not gone we will share with our “Abra Cadabra” with no doubt the best one wizard show of the world.

About the speakers

Pep Lluís Baño
MS MVP - Visual Studio and Development Technologies
Spanish Hackster IO Ambassador