Website Accessibility

The Why and How

Mitchel Sellers
Date and Time
6/1/2018 3:30 PM
Main Theatre

The past few years have shown a shift in desires to require websites to be accessible. It is a key to equality of access and to welcome all audiences that website accessibility be considered in all development. However, many teams are unaware of what should be done, or why it is important for their audience.

In this session, we will quickly review WHY this is important, and how a website might appear different to users. After this quick review, we will dive into specific ways to validate, document, and fix your existing website to ensure that you are compliance. We will review such regulations/rules as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as well as Section 508 compliance.

After this session attendees will know what tools are available to help them, as well as steps necessary to continue to monitor their sites for compliance going forward.

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Mitchel Sellers