Website Performance Tuning

Understanding a Site Load Through the Waterfall

Ron Eastman
Beginner to Intermediate
Date and Time
6/1/2018 5:00 PM
Main Theatre

While broadband has increased connection speeds for most users, site performance remains important as more and more views come from users who access a site with a mobile connection. In this presentation we will outline the basics of understanding how a site performs using the results of waterfall charts with a focus on the performance tools provided by The presentation will begin with the basic configuration of a test and then cover some of the more advanced scripting features available and their uses. Results of tests will show the differences in loads of a site in both the HTTP/1.1 protocol and HTTP/2 and what is needed to capitalize on the latest protocol. We will also discover how the waterfall tests can provide clues to other performance problems of a site and next steps needed to identify bottlenecks that hinder site load.

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Ron Eastman