Refactoring into Net Core 2

From Webform to MVC Pattern

Franck Menci
Date and Time
6/2/2018 9:00 AM
Session Room 2

Can we preserve the dinosaur and move to internet next age? It is really difficult to say yes. Nonetheless, in most application, the analysis behind business layer is the strategic content, this shall stay safe. For the rest, a big swipe may not be such a terrible moment, unless you strive in a fire fighting environment. Going to Net Core is a breaking change, it requires a few step backward, in order to gather momentum.
By the end of this session, I'd wish to introduce a few concept around Net Core 2, based on experience, spelling by the menu what must be rewritten (and sometimes re-analysed) while refactoring from Webform to a full on Net Core.

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Franck Menci