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Supercharge Authentication with Auth0

Joe Brinkman
Date and Time
6/2/2018 5:00 PM
Main Theatre

Authentication is a critical part of any DNN installation, however the DNN authentication providers have not seen much change in many years. How will the current providers hold up to the recent GDPR requirements? What happens with the current social login providers the next time Google or Facebook or Twitter decide to "tweak" their auth requirements? Would you like to use LinkedIn or Instagram or GitHub as identity providers? Would you like to know that your users are not using commonly hacked passwords? Would you like to get rid of the hassle of passwords altogether?

In this session you'll see how an Auth0 based provider can offload your authentication burdens to a company that specializes in user security. I'll introduce you to a new Auth0 based DNN Authentication Provider which takes DNN identity to the next level.

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Joe Brinkman