Language pack management on

Finding, editing and adding module language packs

Ernst Peter Tamminga
Jan Beumer
Date and Time
6/1/2018 10:10 AM
Session Room 1

The website contains a large number of language packs in a whole assortment of languages, modules and module versions.
Where can you find a particular language for a specific module and a particular version?
How can you enhance existing packs and make those available to all?
How can you add new modules and/or languages to the available set of packs?
How does the Language Pack module, that is used on the site, help you to create translations quickly en easily?

This is a duo presentation together with Jan Beumer, DNN consultant at XCESS.

About the speakers

Ernst Peter Tamminga
Motivated IT Business consultant, DNN & Evoq expert, Senior Project manager, IT Legal expert. Husband, father of three and grandfather of four
Jan Beumer