Amazing Content Management using 2sxc

Getting your customers to love DNN

Daniel Mettler
Date and Time
6/1/2018 2:20 PM
Session Room 1

A introduction to 2sxc for people passionate about design, customer experience, SEO, future-proofing and "my customer can't break it" freaks :).

2sxc is many things, but foremost it's a website builder system. It lets you create amazing looking, smart content-blocks within minutes. The non-techy editor can then use these fill them with content, without breaking it.

The solution is completely optimized to the workflow of professional designers and developers and to the lifecycle of content and websites. Thanks to Koi, it's now even possible to create content-blocks which are multi-css-framework compatible.

In the session, we'll

1. start with a live-demo of 2sxc on a complex website, showing the trivial, super-fast and consistent UI for editors
2. explain separation of concerns between designer, developer and editor
3. show you how to leverage existing material, with which you can create a great looking website within minutes
4. teach you how to customize existing content-templates
5. teach you to deliver perfectly cropped, device-optimized images
6. teach you to modify content-types (the set of fields, which describes a content-item)
7. teach you how to use the amazing ADAM (automatic digital asset manager) for assets like images or file-libraries
8. show you the many content-oriented input-fields like icon-picker, wysiwyg with tinyMCE etc.
9. look at the best multi-language experience on DNN
10. connect 2sxc to Connect.Koi

So if you're passionate about creating amazing content and value for your customers - while hiding the technical complexity - this session is for you.

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