Amazing Organization are like Software

Transform how you work - become profitable

Daniel Mettler
Date and Time
6/2/2018 9:00 AM
Main Theatre

Most of you think I'm a programmer. That's just my hobby.

My true passion is building resilient, continuously self-improving organizations that empower people to be amazing - systematically and consistently. (you better read that 2-3 times to let it sink in)

This session is for you, if you know these:

1. your company is barely making a profit
2. you're spending most of your time answering employee questions about what to do and how
3. you review everything your employees do, because the quality they deliver isn't up to expectations
4. your experts are absorbed in helping the juniors
5. your team can't deliver on-time or on-budget - and you're paying the price
6. if you ever deliver on-time and on-budget, all is still lost because of post-delivery work
7. you can't be offline for 3 weeks because your organization doesn't work without you
8. getting new employees to be productive is a nightmare
9. you don't know which work profitable and where you're losing money
10. your management style is "hope for the best"

Since I grew up in the jungles of Indonesia (I'm a missionary kid) I have neither technical nor management training. So I would like to share with you, all the things I never learned :).

The main topic is about designing a company, that works like software (or clockwork - to be Swiss about it :)

* getting people to think before they do
* change the focus of your people from what they are doing to how they are doing it...
* ...and how it relates to the other things they will do
* focus on value, instead of effort or features
* use recipes (instead of code) and sub-recipes (like sub-routines)
* replicating experts with knowledge management built into the work
* creating consistent, reproducible quality
* reducing complexity by unifying work styles
* merging quality-, knowledge-, process- and work-management
* automatically documenting everything you do as part of doing it
* giving low-quality workers the tools to self-develop and take the full responsibility over their output
* free up the experts to do amazing things, instead of bogging them down with "all the annoying stuff nobody else can fix"
* getting people to love working systematically

If you've ever been frustrated by the way your company/team works (does work) or works (how it operates), this session is for you.

I guarantee this session will impact your happiness and your bottom line.

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