How 51Degrees moved to .NET Core (and Raspberry Pi)...

...providing a model for headless CMS

Ben Shillito
Joe Dix
Date and Time
6/1/2018 10:10 AM
Breakout Room 1

In this session you’ll learn how another open source project made the move to .NET Core.

51Degrees open source project is widely used across a diverse set of businesses and use cases. From DNN to Sitecore and eBay it’s provided reliable data about requesting devices to millions of businesses. When used in programmatic advertising millions of queries a second are processed across 10000s of servers. It’s a certified module for platforms such as NGINX, HAProxy and Varnish. Utilising Azure the cloud services are deployed globally. 51Degrees own 5 granted patents with 3 in application stage.

Moving to .NET Core to support such a diverse set of goals required a lot of planning and thought. In this session Ben and Joe two of the developers who work on the project will cover the following.

1. Set the context with an overview of 51Degrees and how it’s used covering major design objectives.

2. The architectural approach taken giving consideration not just to .NET Core but PHP, Node, C, C++ and Java integration.

3. Demonstrate the .NET Core solution showing how it achieves high performance and data accuracy requirements.

4. Explain how the solution can be extended to support headless CMS and a wide range of data services.

5. Summary of the major mistakes and pitfalls including the need to embrace breaking changes, dependency injection, unit testing and utilise Visual Studio online continuous integration.

About the speakers

Ben Shillito
Joe Dix