DNN - Zendesk integration

Speakers: Stefan Kamphuis en Martijn Goedings

Stefan Kamphuis
Martijn Goedings
Date and Time
6/8/2019 2:00 PM
Salle Paroissiale

After some poor efforts we, at VendorLink, decided to drop the self build helpdesk ticketing system and implemented Zendesk in our organisation. From day 1 this was a success. It helped us to engage with our customers in such a great way that you could easily say we are real advocates of the product.

Together with 40Fingers we integrated Zendesk in our DNN application.

In this session we will dive into the way Zendesk is integrate in the DNN based VendorLink application and show you in easy steps how to do it.

- Support Widget
- Context aware article selection on pages
- Set up DNN as an identity provider to achieve SSO on Zendesk from DNN
- Zendesk API options

Afterwards 40Fingers and VendorLink will make the source open and publish it on GitHub.

About the speakers

Stefan Kamphuis
Martijn Goedings