In-place content editing with Vue.js and OpenContent

How to implement in place editing on a DNN website

Sacha Trauwaen
Date and Time
6/7/2019 1:00 PM
Dents du Midi

I will show you how to implement In-Place Editing in DNN using Vue.js and the OpenContent module. You can also implement this technique in your own custom modules.

This will allow content editors to edit structured content in place field by field.
We will create a generic framework with 3 field types editors: for text, html and images.

I will show you how to:
- Create OpenContent JavaScript templates using Vue.js
- Create dynamic components using vue.js
- Call the DNN web-api from Vue.js respecting DNN security
- Mixing server-side templates for visitors and client-side templates for editors

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Sacha Trauwaen