Use Recipes to Run a Profitable Company

Manage your Business, Work, Know-How, Quality with Checklists & e-Forms

Daniel Mettler
Date and Time
6/8/2019 9:00 AM
Clin d'Oeil

A healthy business needs a profit of at least 10%, ideally 20%+ to ensure survival (before investments & taxes). But most web businesses barely break even. We from 2sic believe that the 20%+ goal can only be achieved by organizing work and knowledge to reduce friction, lost time und unbillable hours.

For this, 2sic has been leveraging recipes (checklists++) for over 13 years now, and it's the core reason we still exist and still have spare resources to invest into open-source and Kiva. This is what I want to share.

Together, we'll leverage these recipes to do much more than just technical stuff (like installation, theme-customization, app-development etc.). We'll cover things like:

1. Organizing everything using recipes
2. Doing hiring, on-boarding and other HR stuff using recipes
3. Project management using recipes
4. Ensure quality in trivial tasks like favicons using recipes
5. Build a transparent organization where people know who does what
6. E-Forms ensure that task specs are always complete, avoiding question ping-pong
7. Placing full responsibility in the hands of the people who get things done.

The goal is to inspire you to try out things that have worked for 2sic to strengthen your company and the DNN community.

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