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0 Replies and 2577 Views New compression method Brotli  2577  0 Started by  Mariëtte Knap Brotli is now also available in IIS thanks to
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22 Oct 2016 08:34 AM
2 Replies and 2626 Views Module name in search results  2626  2 Started by  Mariëtte Knap When I use a skin object for a search box the results show the module name and I cannot change that by recreating the Index. How do I fix this
2 2626
by  Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
24 Sep 2016 12:19 AM
1 Replies and 1707 Views Document/image browser  1707  1 Started by  Vicenç Masanas I need a module that can connect to a UNC share with a specific user / password and display the list of files that are available there. This is mainly a repository of images so I need to be able to see image thumbnails for each item on the folders. My idea would be something like the windows file explorer: - a list of folders on the left - a list of files / thumbnails on the right Does something like that already exists
1 1707
by  Timo BreumelhofJump to last post
23 Sep 2016 11:22 AM
12 Replies and 7529 Views Forms module  7529  12 Started by  Timo Breumelhof
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There are quite a bit of OS forms modules for DNN, which is great. I have used FnL, Helferlein (mostly), Feedback and Open Forms in the past. The problem with all of these is that AFAIK none of them fully supports templates for both form and sent out emails or is not really developed any more. Are there any other modules I should know of that are still actively developed (FYI, I'm looking for an Open Source module, for a client that only wants to use OS). Thanks, Timo
12 7529
by  erik hindsJump to last post
21 Sep 2016 08:06 PM
2 Replies and 1854 Views Some pages with different domain, but the same portal  1854  2 Started by  Sergiy Velychko Dear Colleagues! Is there any way to make some pages at the portal to work only with different domain For example Page1, Page2, Page3 and 2 domains per portal, Is it possible to make: (and never to alias2) but (and never to alias1) Any comments
2 1854
by  Sergiy VelychkoJump to last post
02 Sep 2016 01:10 PM
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