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DAL for Module requiring Geography data

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Kurt Amstutz
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New Member
    I am about to embark on a DNN module project (possible commercial) with heavy emphasis on the use of geospatial data fields in SQL (geometry & geography data types). My data schema is somewhat complex also; +- 15 tables, most of them related with many constraints. In the past I have used LINQ to SQL as my DAL ORM, but it does not natively support the required geospatial data types, and although there are workarounds, I'm not sure that I want to use them since MS is no longer developing the LINQ to SQL ORM solution.

    So I believe that my options are either:

    1) Entity Framework - Full support of geospatial data types and current MS support. I have heard, however, that EF does not play well with DNN's {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}. There may be other issues as well that I am not aware of.

    2) DAL2 - The "new" DNN built-in DAL. I must admit that I've not used it yet in any project so I don't know it's strengths and limitations for my requirements. Some fellow developers use PetaPOCO, (outside of DNN) and praise it for it's size (lightweight) and speed (fast), although they do mention that it does not have native support for geospatial fields. Since DAL2 uses PetaPOCO maybe it's time I look into it deeper.

    I would appreciate any comments here in this Community Discussion area from DNN developers that have experience with either of the above solutions and if they might be a good fit for my geospatial requirements. Also if there is another solution, different from EF or DAL2, that you could recommend, please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Kurt Amstutz
    Orlando DotNetNuke User Group
    Orlando, FL
    Joaquin Garcia
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      I think you can use DAL, it is really easy to use it.
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