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DNN Registration Spam

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Jeff Hardy
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    Hello all -

    Our statistics are indicating that the DNN Registry Spam issue is less of an issue in the EU and AU than it is here in the States. But it is a persistent issue that we have been working one a great deal while DNN Software comes up with a fix.

    If you want a chronology of it from our perspective, you can read our News Item and Timeline here:

    Anyway, Tony has had an insight into how to address the issue now in a way that will address the issue for current site versions, but also pick up the older versions that are, for practical reasons, not likely to get a patch from DNN Corp. We want some feedback on the methodology from the Community, but we do not want to publish it live here on the forum since, we assume, the bad guys can read too.

    Shoot me an email and, under MNDA, I will share the DRAFT document description with you for comment.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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