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    Hi All

    Just heard about this site from Mark Breen who I know some of you know and who I know from the local market here in Ireland. I've been using and developing on the system for years now for building web solutions, similar to a lot here I guess. Some of you might be familiar with my events management system Actravia.

    I see from some of the discussions the changes in DNN are a big discussion point and I guess there are a lot of concerns out there. My own take on it is that the open source .net CMS marketplace is now not been served well now the DNN corp seem to be focused upstream with their commercial offerings.

    Primarily I've used DNN as a platform to build custom applications on that has the added advantage of modularisation. This has historically allowed the fulfilment of functional gaps with off-the shelf components from the DNN marketplace. It's nice that the API is available and the platforms provides pretty decent functionality around UI, Security and that kind of thing.

    I do question where things are going with this platform. I guess what was the core, ie. the community edition and the symbiosis with the module/skin marketplace is no longer a priority for the corp and was probably never commercially viable on a larger scale given constraints in the platform marketplace. If so, and nothing fills this vacuum, I fear as I guess a lot here also fear, that the options of a CMS/APP framework for applications will (or already have) become limited, as will access to a vibrant module marketplace. I would suggest that strategically DNN Corp need to decouple these aspects of the platform from their commercial offering, but will this happen? And if not where do developers turn to for these services? Microsoft?
    Declan Ward
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      Hi dailyxe,

      If introducing yourself and saying Hi, you might give us your name

      Declan Ward
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