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DNN 9.2.2 Search index priorities

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Timo Breumelhof
New Member
New Member
    I have been experimenting a bit with manipulating the DNN 9.2.2 Search Results (Site search).
    I'm trying this with the DNN Core Search.

    I have a page with a abbreviation (ex.: "ABC") of a term which ends op low in the search results.
    I tried to get the page higher in the results by adding the term as a Tag, add it to the Synonyms and change the Search priority of the indexer, but these don't seem to have any influence at all.

    (I set all priorities to 0 apart from Tags and it had no result it seems)

    In the end adding "ABC" to the Page title.
    But my main question is if anybody knows if and how the Search indexer priorities work?
    I tried all kind of settings, but the results stayed the same.

    Thanks, Timo
    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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