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DNN UPGRADE FROM 06.02.03 TO 09.02.02

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    I have recently upgraded a dnn website from version 06.02.03 to 09.02.02. The website has Form and List module which was also upgraded from version 06.01.00 to 06.05.02. However, there are two issues I'm struggling to deal with, and therefore need assistance from the community:

    1. The edit buttons on the Form and List module are no longer visible to Editors. A close investigation revealed that there's a JS code in the XLS configuration file of F&L module which needs tweaking to work with DNN version 09.02.02. It appears that the ".dnnActionMenu" class is not available in version 9. Please find the code below.

    /* hide the edit buttons in View mode */
    var isEditMode = true;
    if ($('.DnnModule- .dnnActionMenu').length == 0){
    $('.DnnModule- .editlink').hide();
    isEditMode = false;

    2. There's another JS code that is not working in DNN version 9 because the RibbonBbar has been replaced with the PersonaBar. Please can someone advise me on what to do to update the code below for DNN 9 compatibility.

    // Hide red text in View Mode
    if ($('#RibbonBar_ddlMode option:selected').val() === 'VIEW' || $('#RibbonBar_ddlMode').length == 0) {

    Many thanks.
    Timo Breumelhof
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    New Member
      I think it would be better to discuss this here: as it's FnL specific.

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