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Timo Breumelhof
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    During our meeting in Spain there have been the usual discussions about the community and the future of DNN. One of the complaints I heard is lack of openness and or communication by DNN Corp and the problem that “we” are not attracting any new people. While I agree there are some issues there, I also wondered how well we as DNN connect community communicate. I’m not talking about the association, but about the members of the association.
    I think we can do better to be honest.
    As a group have a valuable influence on the DNN community.
    Most of us contribute to the community by contributing to the core or releasing open source projects.
    But I think our discussions are of value too as they are probably the same things others are dealing with using DNN.

    But in practice we now keep this mostly to ourselves.
    We are discussing everything on Facebook, because it’s convenient.
    This does have a lot of drawbacks I think.
    First of all this FB group in a relatively closed environment, as other (future) community members have to be on Facebook and (even worse) the discussions are not or very badly indexed by Google.
    I always tell clients, when they don’t find you on google, you don’t exist”.
    This is also true for DNN connect.
    In principle all the things we discuss could contribute to the ranking of “our mothership”,
    But because this all takes place on Facebook it doesn’t.
    To be honest I cannot think of one good reason apart from “easier” why you would use Facebook for our group and not our own website.
    I understand it’s a bit less convenient to use instead of Facebook.
    But, as we have a lot of knowledge and programming power in our group, I suggest we, as a group, try to break down the barriers that currently stop us from doing this.

    I also find it annoying that we are not really using the product most of us build our business on for our community. If we make it easier for ourselves to be social on our own website and move away from Facebook, this would make our group more visible to the community and it would contribute to DNN as an (OS) social platform.
    I suggest discussing this matter and if we agree; form a small group and try to analyze what is needed or what can be done to change this.

    Timo Breumelhof
    Declan Ward
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      Perhaps people were not using this site in the past because it was "broken". Notifications of forum posts were not being sent. This has been fixed now.

      If we could also have the ability to sign up to blog posts in some manner, with notifications, I think it would improve communication.
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