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12 Differences When Templating Data Instead of Content

The template/data-paradigm is very common, where a template visualizes data provided by a query. This results in typical list/details systems like blogs, news, showcases and more. But when managing content on normal pages, this approach doesn't really work, which is why we need the template/content-paradigm

DNN Hangout - March 2016 - DNN Community, User Groups, and MORE

David Poindexter is our guest in this month’s show.  David is the “GeekEO” of nvisionative.  I’ve interviewed him before in a Hotcakes Hangout, so you can get a lot of information about David and his company nvisionative there.  In this show though, we wanted to focus on community activities.  David and his fellow DNN’ers in the Charlotte, NC area have been doing great things for years now, so we wanted to pick his brain a bit, and then we finished things off with a very HUGE surprise for the DNN community.

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